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take advantage of our amazing free winter checks

Free winter checks is a service we provide our customers. We feel that it is a service that has been very successful since we started it several years ago. We do not aim to point out problems that are not there, but ensure your car is ready for the winter ahead. There is nothing worse that driving your vehicle in the dark, rain, snow etc. and the key components of vital electronics on the vehicle breaking due to electrical faults.

Free battery checks are also a service we provide. Due to the importance of the battery to any vehicle, it is imperative that it is in top condition to perform at all times. The battery check is a simple process that takes no time at all and the results can give you detailed information about the longevity of your current power unit.

Free Air conditioning check. We will check the air conditioning unit for leaks, gas levels and general condition of the working parts. Your air conditioning is more than just a way to keep the temperature correct within your vehicle. It is also important during the winter months for demisting the windows of the vehicle when you need it most.

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